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Ink Rollers

In 1982, Abe Kochba bought a single printing press for his up-and-coming advertising agency, Metrotel, which catered to the hospitality industry. Before long, many of Metrotel's clients were taking notice to the caliber of product and craftsmanship Abe and his staff were able to produce from their press, and requests for additional print services became increasingly frequent. Realizing that the demand for high-quality print production greatly eclipsed Metrotel's printing capabilities at that time, Abe decided to shift his focus to print production full-time, forming the foundation for what has since evolved from a small in-house printing operation into one the premier print sources in the greater
Washington D.C. metro area.

In 2000, we built and moved to our current location in Sterling, Virginia. This facility provides us with easy access to the entire Northern Virginia market, as well as D.C. and the Washington-Baltimore corridor.

Consistent quality, timely delivery and a devotion to customer service have been mainstays in our corporate philosophy since our inception. National Lithograph is constantly reinvesting in knowledge and technology in order to provide our clients with state-of-the-art, cost-effective print services. Today, our devoted team of industry experts continues to go beyond printing to bring you the right solutions for all of your communication needs.

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